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SKT, stage name of Stefano Enrico Trombetta, is an artist and producer from South London (Thornton Heath) born in Calabria.

The peculiarity of SKT comes from its ability to blend the typical sound of UK Drill with typical idioms of the Italian language, thus creating an interesting and innovative hybrid.

He began releasing singles in 2017, increasing his technical skills year by year, until the release of high-impact singles such as “GODFATHER FREESTYLE”, “2 JIGGY” & “LONDON DRIP”, reaching over half a million streams each on Spotify.

Its impact on social media is also growing: thanks to its content, which demonstrates the grit of its flows, it reaches 10k followers on TikTok.

SKT also demonstrates his skills in live performances, bringing his energy to many concerts and even opening for Sfera Ebbasta and Tion Wayne in London.

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