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Giuliana Cascone, born in 2000, 19 years old, Ragusa. He starts taking music lessons at just 5 years old, a bit for fun. He participated in all the episodes of the Zecchino D'oro in 2007 with the song "radio hamster 33", winning first place in the televoting and third in the general classification.

He participated in the program "I leave you a song" in 2009, being part of a group called "the beautiful girls"; at just 9 years old he had the opportunity to perform at the Ariston theater in Sanremo and to duet with very important artists such as Renato Zero, Lorella Cuccarini, Loretta Goggi and Riccardo Cocciante.

She participated in the "Io Canto" program in 2013, in team with Claudio Cecchetto who defined her as "the personification of talent" and had the opportunity to duet with Laura Pausini. Also in the same year she was selected among the 10 emerging talents in Italy at the "Festival Show", singing in Belluno in front of an audience of around 20,000 people. In 2015 he performed as a guest on the Magalli program, "I fatti tue" on Rai 2.

In 2018 he participated in the Blind auditions of The Voice; the words of Francesco Renga "I'm sure we will hear about you". After the various television experiences, he begins to make himself known on the web, in particular on the "tiktok" app (TIKTOK: @giuianacascone2); today his account has about 270,000 followers and more than a million likes.

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